Monday, December 1, 2014

IIS 8.5 on Windows Server 2012 R2

Whats new in IIS 8.5 and Installing IIS 8.5 on Windows Server 2012 R2.

IIS is the Web Server Role in Windows Server 2012 R2. The Windows Server 2012 R2 has all IIS features needed to support the hosting of web content in production environments.

New in IIS 8.5 IIS 8.5 includes new features which we will not find in IIS 8.0 or downgrade versions.

Enhanced Logging - An Administrator can enable logging of additional custom fields from request of from Several variables.            

 Logging to Event tracing - Administrator can enable Sending  of logging information to Event Tracing for Windows.

Dynamic Website Activation - When their are large number of Configured sites, Service will not activate for any of the sites when services is started.

Idle Worker Process Page Out - An Administrator can enable  idle worker process to suspended neither than terminated.     

Installing IIS 8.5 using Server Manager-

When the Web Server Role is selected for the first time in Add Roles and Features Wizard in Server Manager, Basic Components and services required for IIS are automatically selected. We can install IIS ( Internet Information Service) on running Physical Server for first time by following steps.

1. Open Server Manager by clicking Server Manager icon from desktop or from tools bar.

2. In Server Manager Window, Click on Add Roles and Features.The Add Roles and Features wizard will start before you begin page. It will ask for following verifications.                       

        # Administrator Account has strong password or not.

        #  Network Settings like IP Address is configured or not.

       #  Most current security updates are installed or not.

3. On Before You Begin Page, Click Next.

4. On Installation Type Page, Select Role Base or Feature Base installation to configure single server and click Next.

5.  On Server Selection page, Select Server from Server pool and than Select Server or Virtual Hard Disk Server. Select Server to Mount VHD on and then select VHD file. Click Next.

       Note: Servers in Server pool will available only if they                      have been added by Add other servers to                               manage command in Server manager.

6. Click on Server Roles Page. Select Web Server IIS.

7. In Add Roles and Features Wizard, Click Add Features if You want to install IIS Management Console and then Click Continue.

8. On Server Roles Page Click Next.

9. On Features Page, Select any feature which you like to install and Click Next.

10. On Web Server Role IIS Page click Next.

11. On Role Services Page Select any additional Role services that you want to install.

          Note: When you install IIS for first time by selecting Web Server (IIS) you will get at least default installation that includes minimum set of Role Services.

12. If you select any Role and Services which requires Other Roles and Services to be installed a Page will open indicating Required Roles and Services to be installed. Click Add Features to Add required Roles or Services.

13. After you added Roles and Services required Click Next.

14. You will see now Confirmation page. Verify all Roles and Services that are selected. Select Restart destination server automatically if it requires to restart to take immediate effects. When you have confirm all things and ready for installation process Click Install.

15. The Installation Progress page will  displayed. You can close wizard without interrupting process. You can view Task  process by clicking Notifications in Notifications area and clicking Task Details.

16. On Results Page verified that Installation is succeed and Click Close.

17. Confirms working of Web Server by opening Web Browser and verifying that following default web page is opening or not. Http://localhost address.

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