Monday, December 22, 2014

Active Directory Partitions

Active Directory Partitions

# Schema Partition

# Configuration Partition

# Domain Directory Partition

# Application Directory partition

Application Directory Partition is a directory Partition that is replicated only to specific Domain Controllers. Domain Controller that participates in replication of particular Application Directory Partition host a replica of that partition. Application and Services can use Application Directory Partition to store application specific data. Application Directory Partition can contain any type of Object,except security principals. TAPI is example of service that stores its application specific data in Application Directory Partition.

Benefits of Application Partition:-

For Redundancy, Availability or Fault tolerance, Data in Application Directory Partition can be replicated to different Domain Controllers in Forest. Data can be replicated to specific Domain Controller or any set of Domain Controllers anywhere is forest. Storing Data in Application Directory Partition  instead of in Domain Directory Partition may reduce replication traffic. Application or services that uses LDAP can continue using it to access and store their Application data in AD Partition.

Tools to use to Create, Delete or Manage Application Directory Partition.

# Application Specific Tools from specific Vendors.

# NTDSUTIL Command Line Tool


# ADSI Active Directory Service Interface


Creating Application Directory Partition-

# Open Command Prompt



# Domain Management

# Connection

# Connect to Server Test
# quit 

# Create NC (Application Directory Partition Domain Controller)

# EX. Create NC dc=Test,dc=abc,dc=com Null

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