Friday, November 28, 2014

Windows 7 Firewall


 Firewall was first introduced with Built in Operating System  (Internet Connection Firewall) in Windows XP. Later on Microsoft Continue to improve Firewall in each of later newly Windows introduction. Windows 7 Firewall is more evolutionary and developed one.

Basic settings of Windows Firewall can be accessed from Control Panel. It also includes Configuration of filtering for Outbound Connections. Just Click Advance Settings on left side of panel.

Their are three choices available in Windows 7 Firewall.  Public Network, Home Network or Work Network.

In Home Network you can set up Home Group. In this Option Network Discovery is automatically turned on. You can able to see other computers and network devices o Network and others can see you.

In Work Network Network Discovery is turned on by default and you will not able to create Home group. If you join Computer to a Domain and if same computer is authenticated with Domain Controller, then firewall will automatically recognize the network as Domain Network.

Public Network is selected when you are on internet or conencted with Wi Fi. If you select this option Network Discovery will turn off by default so that other Computers on Network cannot see your Computer.

By Default in all Network selection Windows 7 firewall block connections to programs that are not on list of allowed programs. Windows 7 Firewall allows you to configure settings for each network type.

Advance Settings:-

With Advance Settings Console you can configure Options for each of network type profiles.


# For each profile you can configure below options-

     1. On/Off Status of Windows Firewall

     2. Inbound Connections - Block or Allow Connections.

     3. Outbound Connections - Allow or Block

     4. Display Notifications whether Notify or not when                      Program is blocked.

     5. Allow Unicast response to Multicast or Broadcast traffic.

     6. Apply  local Firewall rules created by local Admin

     7. Allow local connection security rules created by local              Admin.


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