Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Disk Quotas

Setting Disk Quotas

Windows Server 2008 supports two methods for setting Quotas on amount of File System Resources a User can use. Disk Quotas were initially introduced in Windows Server 2000 and are applied to specific Users and limit amount of Disk Space that users can use in a particular Folder and its Sub folders.

Enabling Quotas on Disk:-

1. In Windows Explorer Right Click Drive Letter on which you want to apply Disk Quotas and Click on Properties to open Drive Properties.

2.Click on Quota tab and Click on Show Quota Settings.

3. Select Enable Quota Management and Check Box to enable Disk Quota on Disk.

4. To Enable Hard Quotas for not to Exceed specific MB for users, Select Deny Disk Space to users exceeding quota limit.

5. Set the limits and warning levels. You can also enable Logging.

5. Click OK to enable Quotas. You will get prompt one last time for confirmation.

Setting Per User Quotas:-

You can also set Quota Limit per user or you can have apply limits equally to all non-administrative users. You cant set limits to Group of Users. Any Users who already owned files on Disk will have their Quotas initially disabled. New Users will have default quotas for Disk applied.

Setting Quotas individually-

1. Right Click Drive letter and click on Properties.

2. Click Quota and Click Show Quota Settings.

3. Click on Quota Entries to open Quota Entries dialog Box.

4. To Modify Quota for a user already Listed, Select User and Click Properties to Open Quota Settings for that User. Set Quota for that user and Click OK to return back to Quota Entries Window.

5. To Create Quota for a User Who does not have yet and whose Quota needs to be different from default, Click New Quota Entry.

6. Select Users to apply New Quota and Click OK to bring Add New Quota Entry Box.

# To manage Quotas from Command Line use Fsutil.exe.

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