Friday, December 12, 2014

Installation of Hyper V Server

In my previous post i introduce you all about Hyper V. Its functionality, Requirements.Now its time to Install Hyper V.

Installation of Hyper V on Windows Server 2008 R2:-

1. Open Server Manager.

2. Right Click on Roles and Click Add Roles.

3. Select Hyper V on Select Server Roles Page.

4. Click on one or more network adapters as per your requirement on Create Virtual Network page.

5. Click Install on Confirm Installation page and close the wizard. Reboot server after installation completes.

Virtual Machine Creation:-

After Installation of Hyper V Server finish successfully, We can than go ahead and create Virtual Machines.

1. Open Server Manager Console and Right click on Hyper V Manager and click on Virtual Machine. New Virtual Machine wizard will launch.

2. Click Next and give name to Virtual Machine. Specify path to store Virtual machine.

3. Specify amount of Memory on Memory page and connect Network Adapters for Network connections on Networking Page.

4. Specify Name, Location and Size to create a Virtual Disk to store OS.

5. Last step to choose installation method i.e from CD/DVD/Network Location on Installation Page.

Virtual Hard Disk:-

VHD file format is used by Microsoft Virtualization such as Virtual PC, Virtual Server 2005, Hyper V. Its single file where Guest OS is located.

1. Open Server Manager Console, Right Click on Hyper V Manager and select Virtual Machine which we have created in earlier steps.

2. Launch New Virtual Hard Disk wizard.

 Installing Guest OS:-

Once we have setup Virtual Machine and Virtual Hard Disk its time to install Guest OS.

Right Click on Virtual Machine which we created and Click on Start.


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