Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Features in Windows Server 2012

New Features in Windows Server 2012

Task Manager:-

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 includes new version of Windows Task Manager together with Old version. In New Version Tabs are hidden by default. In New Process Tab, Process are displayed in various shades of Yellow with darker shades showing heavier resource uses. The performance tab is divided in to CPU, Memory, Disk, Ethernet and if any Wireless device is their than Wireless too. The CPU tab no longer displays individual graphs for every logical processor on system by default but it can display data for each NUMA Node. When displaying data for each logical processor for machines with more than 64 logical processors, CPU tab now displays simple Utilization percentages on heat mapping tiles. Color use for this heat mapping is blue with darker shades indicating heavier utilization. 


Windows Server 2012 can switch between Server Core and GUI Full Installation options without full re installation. Their is also new third installation option that allows MMC and server manager to run without Windows Explorer or other parts of normal GUI shell.

IPAM - IP Adress Management:- 

Windows Server 2012 has an IPAM role for Discovering, Monitoring, auditing and managing IP address space use oc Network. IPAM provides Administration and Monitoring of servers running DHCP and DNS.

Components includes- 

# Automatic IP Address infrastructure discovery. IPAM Discovers Domain Controllers, DHCP Servers and DNS Servers in Domain which you choose.

# Custom IP Address space display, reporting and management. The Display of IP is highly customizable and detail tracking, utilization of data is available. IPv4 and IPv6 address space is organized into IP address blocks, IP address ranges and individual IP address.

# Audit of Server configuration changes and tracking of IP Address usage. IPAM also enables IP address tracking using DHCP Lease Event and User logon events collected from Network Policy Server, DC and DHCP Servers. Tracking is available by IP Address, Client ID, Host Name or User Name.

# Monitoring and Management of DHCP and DNS Service. IPAM enables automated service availability monitoring for DHCP and DNS servers across forests. DNS Zone health is displayed and detailed DHCP server and scope Management is available using IPAM console.

Active Directory:-

Windows Server 2012 has a number of changes to AD. The Active Directory Domain Services installation wizard is replace by New Section in Server Manager, Active Directory Administrative Center is has been enhanced. A GUI has been added to AD recycle bin. Password Policies can be differ more easily with same Domain. AD in Server 2012 is aware of any changes resulting from virtualization, and virtualized Domain Controllers can be safely Cloned. Upgrades of Domain Functional level to Windows Server 2012 are simplified. It can be preformed from Server Manager.  Active Directory Federation service is no longer required to be downloaded when installed as a role.

Windows Server 2012 along with windows 8 includes new version of Hyper V. New Features added to Hyper V includes Network virtualization, Multi tenancy, storage resource Pool, Cross-Premise connectivity and cloud backup.


Resilent File System, Originally code named 'Protogon" is new file system initially for File Servers that improves on NTFS in Windows Server 2012.

Improved Reliability for On-Disk Structure:-

Refs uses B+ for all on disk structures for both metadata and file data. File Size, total Volume size, Number of files in a directory, and number of directories in a volume are limited by 64-bit numbers Which translates to maximum file size of 16 Exbibytes. Maximum Volume size of 1 Yobibyte with 64 KB Clusters which allows large scalibilty with mo practical limits on File and directory size.

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