Saturday, November 15, 2014

NetBackup 7.6

New Features in Symantec NetBackup 7.6 for VMware


# Accelerator support for Virtual machine:-   Netbackup 7.5 has been introduce now with Netbackp Accelerator for file backups and now will be introduced for virtual machines running in VMware. This features help fast VMware data protection with full restore technology with lower resource utilization. It also offers Accelerated application data protection in virtualized environment.

# Fast Recovery:- It helps in VMware recovery in just 60 seconds. Netbackup Accelerator help to speed up protection of virtual machines. This new technique offers users 400 times faster recovery of virtual machine other than standard solutions available in markets. Till now recovery of virtual machines was an automated depending on VM size time consuming process.

# Netbackup Replication Driver:- This features enabled integrated end to end control for management and recovery of array base snapshots and replicated snap shots. Those who are running Data store on Netapp filters can now use NetApp snapshot technology to protect their virtual environment.

# VMware Vcloud Director support:-  It automatically discovers and protect newly Provisioned VMs in both private and public Vcd deploymentswith Vcloud director backup API integration.

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