Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Group Policy

Group Policy

Group Policy is widely used methods for providing security and settings to number of Users/Computers at single place and at single time.

Group Policy i management technology in Windows servers that helps to secure Computers and User settings. This helps to create a Common secure environment for all users and also decrease the chances of changing important settings by users which leads to negative impact on operating system.

A (GPO) Group Policy Object is a set of logical Components of Group Policy Container and Group Policy Templates. Windows stores both these objects on Domain Controller. The Group Policy Container object is stored in Domain partition in Active Directory whereas Group Policy Template is a collection of files and folders stored on SYSVOL folder of each Domain controller in Domain. Windows Copies container and templates to all Domain Controllers in Domain.

The Group Policy container and template together makes the logical object called Group Policy Object. Each Group Policy Objects contains two classes for configuration. User and Computer. Computer settings affects Computers on which Domain user login and User configuration affects to Domain user irrespective of on whatever PC he/she logins.

Group Policy Objects and their settings are applyied to users and computers to which they are linked. GPO can be linked to Active Directory, Site, Domain and OU. Group Policy objects separate from the containers to which they are linked.

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