Thursday, October 9, 2014

Not able to Connect FTP Server

Another critical issue i face before some days that i was not able to connect to my FTP server. 

First of all i was not able to get any Username and Password promt when i hit FTP server IP in expolrer but i was able to open same from FTP server. I reinstall FTP server, WEB Server IIS all things and restarted the server but same issue.

Then i check from CMD and i was able to connect to FTP server but was not able to login in FTP server. I was getting Error 543. Again i restarted FTP server and finally iw as able to login from CMD.

But i was not able to open FTP server from Explorer yet. I was able to login from cmd but not from explorer.

I follow below trouble shooting steps to resolve this issue.

1. On Client PC Go to Internet Explorer Options - Advanced Tab 

2. Their you will find tab "Use Passive FTP" just deselect and problem got resolevd.

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