Friday, September 26, 2014

w3wp.exe is utilising high CPU usage

w3wp.exe process utilizing high CPU usage.

I am facing one issue at my site that was w3wp.exe process was utilizing almost 90% CPU usage on one of my Application server. It was Web server and one of the Web Application was running on it.

IIS was configured on this server and Windows Server 2008 R2 was installed.

So lets begin with steps which i perform to resolve this issue:

1. Login to server and open IIS Manager  through Start - Programmes - Administrative tools.

2. Expand your server name by double clicking on it on left side of window.

3. Their you will find Application Pool.

4. Click on Application Pool and on right side you will see all Application Pools created.

5. Their you will able to see Default Application pool.

6. Right Click on it and click Stop  and Start means you need to restart service.

You need to confirm that your website is in which Application Pool before doing this as you need to restart that Application Pool.

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