Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Exchange Server Roles Function

Functions of Different Microsoft Exchange Server Roles:

Mail Box Server Role: Mail Box Server role holds User's Mailboxes and Public Folder Database.

Hub Transport Server Role: Hub Transport Role is require for Sending and Receiving mails from within organization or out side organization. We requires this role even when we are sending mail within organization from a User who is in one mail box server role to a user who is in another mail box server role.

Edge Transport Server Role: All Security filters and External mail facility are available in this particular role. All mails going outside organization or mails coming from outside organization passes this particular server holding this role. It cannot be part of a Domain. It should be Standalone Server.

Client Access Server Role :  This server role is used when a client or user is trying to access the mails using WEB or exchange active sync or Outlook anywhere. 

Unified Messaging Server Role:  This server role is used for Voice Mail Box, Video Calling.

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