Tuesday, August 5, 2014

VSphere 5.5 Virtual SAN Features

What are benefits of Solutions like VSan?

  • Software Defined - Use Industry Defined Hardware.
  • Flexible - Scale as needed and when needed. Just add more disks or add more Hosts, Both scale-up and Scale-Out is possible.
  • Simple - Very easy to manage.
  • Automated - Per virtual machine policy based management. No more policies defined on a per Lun/Datastore level but at the level where we want to be.
  • Converged - It allows to create dense block style solutions.
Techincal Knowledge:

When VSAN is enabled a single shared datastore is presented to all hosts which are the part of VSAN enabled cluster. Typically all Hosts will contribute performance (SSD) and Capacity - magnetic disks to this shared data store. This means that when cluster grows Datastore will also grow with it.

Note: There are some requirements for hosts which wants to contribute storage.  Each Host will require atleast one SSD and one magnetic disk. Also good to know is that with this beta release the limit on VSAN enabled cluster is 8 host. Total Cluster size 8 hosts, including hosts not contributing storage to  VSAN Datastore. VSAN does not require local RAID set, just a bunch of  local disks. Now when we defined a 1 host failure to tolerate or for instance a 3 host failure to tolerate VSAN will ensure enough replicas of your objects are created.

Networking: Minimum VSAN will require a dedicated 1Gbps NIC port. Their is no requirement from a virtual switch perspective. We can use either Distributed Switch or old VSwitch and both will work fine.

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