Saturday, June 7, 2014

IIS 7.0 on Windows Server 2008

IIS 7.0 Web server can be installed with two different ways in Windows Server 2008.

  • As part of Core Server mode where IIS 7.0 is installed as one of  Server roles.

  • Other way to install is through GUI mode where IIS 7.0 will install as Server roles.

GUI Mode: With GUI mode for Management and Administration.

Server Core Mode: Only Command Promt and power shell is available for Management and Administration.

The above method can be made unattended through unattended installation.

IIS on windows server 2008. 

IIS can be installed through GUI mode using new server manager interface  after Windows Server 2008 installation completes.

Server Manager provides single dashboard to install and uninstall server roles and features. It also provides overall features and roles installed currently on Server.

You can install IIS from server Manager:

Click Start Menu - Server Manager or Start Menu - Administrative Tools - Server Manager.

Select Add Roles under Roles.

Select Web Server (IIS) on Server roles page.

Choose the IIS services to be installed. Select the services which your application required.

When choosing the above services, you might be prompted with a warning to install some required services for the selection above, if the services are not already installed:


IIS 7 is now installed with all default configurations.

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