Thursday, June 26, 2014

DNS Records

Different types of DNS Records:

A (address): Maps Host name to IP address. When a computer has multiple adapters cards or IP address it should have multiple address records.

CNAME (Canonical Name):  Sets an alias for a Host name. For Example, using this record we can have an alias as

MX (Mail Exchange): Specifies a Mail Exchange Server for the Domain, which allows mail to be delivered to the correct mail servers in the Domain.

NS (Name Server): Specifies Name Server for the Domain, which allows DNS Lookups within various Zones. Each Primary and Secondary name server should be declared through this record.

PTR (Pointer): Creates pointer that maps an Ip address to a host name for reverse lookups.

SOA (Start of Authority): Declares the host that's the most authoritative for the zone and is the best source of DNS information for the zone.

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