Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to Fix Wi-Fi Problems in Windows 8.1

At Some Point of time every device cannot connect to a Wireless network or keep randomly loosing the connection to the Wireless router that it once had. This happens on all sorts of wireless devices regardless for what operation system install on system. 

For Windows 8 users the most common WI-Fi issues that Users have are easily flexible and that's true whether you are on desktop, laptop or tablet.

Not Being Able to Load Web Pages in Internet Explorer: 

The Most common issues with Windows 8 is that sometimes Internet Explorer will stop allowing users to browse new web pages despite having internet connection available and being connected to Wireless Network.

Their is not any simple fix for this issue. When this happens user should check other apps that are open to see if you are downloading any huge files from the internet or Windows Update that adds new patches and hot fix to systems. Closing the apps that you suspect is creating problems is simple solution for this problem.

Not Being Able to Load Anything Despite Being Connected:

One of the most common issues while connecting to Wi-Fi networks is that users forget to  turn off Caps lock. It does not matter if you have entered correct password or not but if it does not match Wi-Fi router's  exact specifications then you can have issues connecting even though  it appears that you are connected properly.

Not Having Wi-Fi Turned On:

Biggest cause of Wi-Fi issues with devices running Windows 8.1 is that user simply turn off their Wi-Fi without noticing. It sounds basic but most users don't know that Wi-Fi functionality can be turned off. Users don't realize that there are keyboard commands and physical switches on some devices that shutdown their wireless connections.

The first step is to check whether you have not accidentally switched off Wi-Fi on your devices. Touch users should place their finger on the right edge of their device and slowly slide their finger to the left to reveal the Charms bar. Mouse and keyboard users should place their cursor in the top-Right corner of their display. Now tap or click on settings.

Their are only basic fixes for the most common issues users have.

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