Sunday, December 6, 2015

Only one-third internet users create strong passwords: Survey

Netizens all are very particular about the safety of personal and financial assets, keeping them locked and in vaults. However, when it comes to online presence, not many pay a lot of attention to creating a secure password. One of the most common mistakes of netizens is the use of the same password or its variants for multiple accounts.

This was among the findings of a study conducted recently by cyber security giant Kaspersky Lab to test people's cyber savviness. The study found that only 38% users made the effort of creating strong and separate password for each of their accounts. Around 36% use just a few passwords for a larger number of accounts and 12% use variations of the same password pattern. Another mistake was in the form of storing passwords in easily accessible places.

"Passwords are the basic level of security for our virtual presence. Unfortunately, not many internet users understand the scale of cyber threats they face because of a weak password," said Altaf Halde, managing director South Asia of Kaspersky Lab. A strong password is the basic security requirement for anybody using the internet to share sensitive data, he added.